Friday, 3 May 2013

Coming soon - Donny Stax debut album

"well How Bout That!"
How Bout That Records are excited to announce the upcoming release of Donny Stax 'Wasted'. It's coming soon, real soon. In fact, Donny Stax has lined up a sneak preview of the album in the form of it's first single 'Sneak Preview', which is dropping on the 4th of May 2013 (or has already dropped, depending of course on when you read this).
'Sneak Preview' features the complex stylings of both Achille & Lil Blak, as well as the one and only Donny Stax of course. The track is masterfully produced by Truth. It is as amazing taster of what is to come, and let me tell you, this album is something rather special indeed, it is, how we say in the industry, 'ALL BOUT THAT'.
Donny Stax modelling our special clothing line
The 'How Bout That Records' T-shirts and Hoodies are available from us directly, and us alone, so if you would like one please contact us at

There is lots in the How Bout That pipeline for the near future, expect our first label mixtape to be dropping in July which will feature the whole roster of awesome talent that is the How Bout That Collective. Before that will be Donny Stax 'Wasted' - which also showcases many of the growing collective of How Bout That-ers (or should that be How Bout That-eeeezz!).

Remember to check back here regular for updates, video's, photo's, and loads of music, it will mainly be music, since we are called How Bout That Records after all...I mean, come on, what were you expecting?

How Bout That!

P.S - You can find our facebook group here - if you didn't come here from there in the first place.

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